Trying to Sort It Out

I’m in a bit of a quandary.  I want to start writing again bit I’m not sure where to start.  It’s not that I’m concerned that nobody  — or anybody for that matter — will notice, or even remotely care about that of which I express my thoughts.  And, I guess that’s a good thing; since; as result, it grants me a level of freedom to characterise my notions, suppositions, ratiocinations, et al, with little consternation as to the consequences.  In short, I’m doing this for me.  This is, after all, a blog.  And in case any of you have forgotten, or in the case of those under forty, blog is short for web log; i.e., something not unlike a diary or a journal.

That’s what I simply plan to do with this “blog.”  These are the thoughts and maybe asseverations that I guess are things I feel the need to articulate, for my own edification, and maybe get a better grasp of the vicissitudes through which I am currently contending.

So, I guess that logically leads to my transition to life in Boston after 60+ plus years of living in Philadelphia and its surrounding area.  However, that doesn’t preclude me from switching off to something else if or when I feel the need.  Much of this “blog” will probably be in the form of a rant (there’s a lot to piss and moan about); but, hopefully, not always.  There will be plenty of my thoughts (dare I say insights) on music and the arts.

Anyway, my plan (if I so chose to do so {paraphrase from….?} is to try and do something daily.  My only concern is that, like everything else I do, I will become overly OCD (overly?), or Flaubertian about this and spend hours trying to find the right word(s) to say the most banal things.  The language is too important to me to use frivolously; a matter I find unfortunately all too common.  But, I digress.  I shall, perhaps return to that topic in one of my many blog entries to come.

Let’s see what happens.  First up Boston.


5 thoughts on “Trying to Sort It Out

  1. Well, you managed a start here. Sometimes, I guess, one can “think out loud” and, suddenly, have several paragraphs to show for it. I must confess that I’ve had fleeting thoughts of starting a blog about—what? Composing? Arranging/editing? Conducting? Educating? But the thought of this becoming a daily or weekly commitment is more than I feel I can take on…


      • As a matter of fact: yes—any number of times. I haven’t reached a point where I think my college choir could do it (they’re the only non-Jewish group I direct at the moment). However: I’m auditioning for another group that specializes in a capp; if that miracle happens, I should be able to program it…


  2. Do as you can. Don’t worry about the rest. My blog hasn’t been touched for quite awhile, because I haven’t had time to deal with it. That’s okay. Write to please yourself, and know that you have a great deal to say that I, and I’m sure others, want to hear. Always have, from the first time I met you. Always will, I dare say.


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